Hide-a-mic. Does exactly what it says…

The demand to hide body-worn microphones (lavalier microphones) is growing with the standard of professionalism throughout the entertainment industry. But hiding microphones is often easier said than done. Hide-a-mic products are designed for everyone that has to deal with the challenging task to conceal microphones in any situation. And with 25 years of experience in the field we know what your challenges are.

The idea

The idea to create a new kind of microphone concealer is born on the filmset during the shoot of numerous documentaries, corporate, commercial and drama productions . The demand to hide a lavalier (miniature) microphone on a talent, host or character in a documentary is nowadays more of a rule than an exception. You only have a limited time to place your microphone mount and it is not always clear if you don’t get unwanted noise. You want to use the easiest and quickest tools in the market.

Hide-a-mic concealers create a physical space around the microphone that protects against unwanted noise. Every situation has its own challenges and characteristics therefor Hide-a-mic developed 4 different holders with each their own use. There is a Bra-holder, T-shirt-holder, Tie-holder and Shirt holder. They all come with a clear user instruction on the back of the package. With a Hide-a-mic set your are covered for almost every daily miking challenge.

Hide-a-mic microphone concealers sets are a great addition to every sound kit. They are easy to apply and because Hide-a-mic is developed by a sound mixer the sound quality is guaranteed.

So, if you want your lavalier mics concealed in a quick and simple way get your Hide-a-mic set now!

and remember, if it sounds good, it looks better.

Our story

Hide-a-mic is founded by Eric Leek, a Dutch sound mixer with 25 years of experience in recording sound on location (IMDB). After hiding lavalier microphones for numerous documentaries, series and feature films, concealing can still be a challenge.

Clothing rubbing against the microphone, muffled sound, noisy chest hair and awkward moments when positioning the mic are issues that you will encounter. To deal with this it is important to use microphone concealers that help you get the job done.